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Vision Source 20/20 Savings Program

Offer your employees savings on vision care and eyewear with no premiums, no claim forms, and NO COST TO YOU!

Now your employees can receive a number of benefits with none of the red tape associated with some healthcare plans. 

With the 20/20 Savings Program, your employees just present their membership card at a conveniently located office to receive:

20% savings on eye exams, contact lens services, and other non-insured eye care.

20% Savings on frames, lenses, and special features such as lens coatings.

Preferred Pricing on contact lenses.

Enjoying all the benefits of the 20/20 Savings Program costs your company absolutely nothing. There are no forms to complete and no claims to file. Your employees simply fill out a membership card and present it at the time of their visit. All applicable discounts will be automatically applied to their bill.

And remember, the benefits of the 20/20 Savings Program are available to every employee and all members of their immediate family.

Get started by filling out this simple enrollment form or call (281) 312-1111 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all employees required to participate in this benefit program?

A.  All employees are NOT required to participate for this benefit to be offered.

Q. Can family members use the card?

A. Immediate family members can receive the savings offered. Savings are also available for students who are not living at home.

Q. Can I use any of the locations listed on this website?

A. Yes. You can select a location convenient to your home or your workplace. Find an optometrist now.

Q. Is payment required at the time of service?

A. Because Vision Source member offices offer these special savings, payment is necessary at the time of service.

Q. Are the fees for products and services the office's standard rates?

A. Absolutely. The reduction is taken directly from the office's standard rates as a way of saying "thank you" for participating in the program.

Q. How does the program interact with other insurance coverage?

A. Saving do not replace nor can they be used in conjunction with individual healthcare insurance or Federal or State programs, including both vision and major medical. If participants have coverage for service or products, those rates will apply. The Vision Source 20/20 Savings Program is available only to those without vision care benefits or for those products and services not covered by their plan.

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